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About Us 

Culinary Innovations Ltd. is a family owned company with a passion for facilitating chef training within the Hospitality Industry. Alan Wearring-Smith

Culinary Innovations was initially established by Alan Wearring-Smith (pictured right) in 2004 to support the sale of vacuum packing equipment and pouches.  Alan linked up with a Venetian based company called Orved SpA to import and distribute their vacuum packers and consumables in the UK and soon grew the business to recognise the growing importance of the Sous Vide cookery technique as a way of improving the consistency of food and providing operational efficiency in the Hospitality Industry by connecting up with the German water bath supplier FusionChef (as also pictured) and by developing the company's own Sous Vide training courses.

The company's first ever training course was held back in 2009 at J Bakers Bistro in York.  Presented by Neil Nugent (then Executive Chef at Waitrose but now featured as a WM Morrisons chef on recent TV commercials), the first course on Sous Vide included a diverse bunch of delegates from 3-Michelin stared Pierre Koffman to Development chefs from Burger King!  Since then the company has moved on to deliver many day courses not only on sous vide but other modern techniques too at such venues as Bibury Court Hotel, Westminster Kingsway College, The Grove Hotel & Spa, The Runnymede Hotel and many other locations.  Our delegate list is ever expanding.  Chefs from such diverse companies as Fuller, Smith & Turner plc, Restaurant Associates, Aramark, Wilson Vale, Shire Hotels, Harbour & Jones, Park Plaza, Cannizaro House, CH & Co., Lindley Venue Catering, Hilton Hotels and Waitrose Cookery School have participated in our enlightening training courses.  

It is our passion to facilitate the exchange of knowledge from senior experienced chefs to the wider community of chefs in the Hospitality Industry. We are especially focused on the consolidation of modern cooking techniques and delivering insight as how best to use new techniques in a way that complements classical cookery.  Over the years we have sought to educate chefs by providing information, undertaking practical workshops and more importantly sharing new ideas that add to the existing knowledge base. We are by no means interested in replacing traditional ideas.  In other words if the new techniques work well for you use them, if not keep to what you know best.  

Whilst today our focus is growing our training business, we still keep a vested interest in sous vide water baths, vacuum packers and vacuum packing and have been proud sponsors of the National Chef of the Year competition for the last two years.