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Brands - Orved


Orved is a well respected international brand in vacuum packing machines, vacuum pouches and tray sealing machines.  Made inItaly, Orved products are respected for their high quality levels, advanced technology, robust design and unique features that adhere to the strictest of international standards.  For example, each Orved machine is EU certified and manufactured according to ISO9001:2008 standards.  The Orved brand has one of the most complete ranges within vacuum packing in terms of both design and pricing.  Recently, Orved introduced a new and innovative Bright line of vacuum packers along with a water bath for sous vide cooking.  All Orved machines are covered by warranty and all vacuum pouches are certified for Food Safety.  The company behind the Orved brand is a public company with a sales turnover of €15 million and exports all over the world.

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