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New Courses

We are currently writing and developing a range of new courses that we plan to deliver in 2014. Mel Jones

The first of these new courses will be a wine and food matching course co-presented by Mel Jones (Master of Wine) and James Graham.  

During this course you will gain an understanding of wine and how particular styles are made.  However, more importantly, during the tastings sessions, you’ll learn to break down the flavours and structural elements of the wines and understand how and why they react with flavours and textures in your dishes.  There will then be an opportunity for you create dishes to accompany a particular style of wine, and then discuss and taste within the group which matches work particularly well and also taste the “wrong” matches to understand what you are avoiding.

This course will 

  • Run through how wine is made and why it tastes as it does.
  • Taste and match six pairs of wines that fit different taste categories with a matching basket of ingredients.
  • Advise chefs' on their current wine list and menu.
  • Cook the main ingredients and see how the wine complements the food.

Dates for this course are 3rd February and 19th May.

We also have a course outline on how modern cookery can be used in Italian food.