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About Our Professional Chef Training Courses


If you are Interested in asking questions, seeing new techniques and producing and tasting food that is modern and in-vogue but not rubbishing classical techniques, then Culinary Innovations training courses are for you.

We deliver a range of modernist cuisine based training courses to inspire, excite, educate and provide insight in modern cookery amongst chefs.  Researched and written by senior professional chefs and delivered in chef’s language, they provide a forum for you to see and learn new ideas in one concise place on a single day.  They also offer you a chance to gather information, learn from a relevant chef presenter and gain hands on practical experience.  No question is considered daft on our courses, especially as most of the mistakes have already been tried by our experienced chef presenters.  There are also no barriers restricting access to further in-depth learning, so why not come along and try them? 

We have had three star Michelin chefs all the way to home chefs on our previous courses and if you are a corporate customer we can deliver bespoke training days at one of your chosen venues or even offer a residential course at a 16th century Jacobean Hotel in the middle of the beautiful Cotswolds, should you so desire.

Features & Benefits

Each of our courses has its own features and benefits.

We currently have six separate modules that can be taken independently of each other.  The prerequisite of all our courses are for skill levels associated to professional chefs.  Details of the current modules can be found in our Shop. The course subjects are as follows:

  • Sous Vide & Low Temperature Cooking
  • Rotary Evaporation, Liquid Nitrogen, Dry Ice & Other Modernist Presentation
  • Gels, Foams & Molecular Agents
  • Creative Butchery for Profit
  • Smoking, Preservation & Curing
  • Wine Pairing for Chefs.

Chefs from such diverse companies as Fuller, Smith & Turner plc, Restaurant Associates, Aramark, Wilson Vale, Shire Hotels, Harbour & Jones, Park Plaza, Cannizaro House, CH & Co., Lindley Venue Catering, Hilton Hotels and Waitrose Cookery School have participated in our enlightening training courses.  

Future Dates

You can find out more about future dates from our Course Calendar.


All training course spaces booked by delegates will receive a booking confirmation via first class post outlining the nature of the event and details of venue and times. This booking confirmation constitutes a delivery and once issued is subject to our Changes, Cancellations and Returns Policy. Should you wish to exchange dates for an alternative future date or cancel, this can only be done three weeks prior to the scheduled event.

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