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Sponsorship Opportunities

Are you interested in getting your products or brands in front of UK Professional Chefs?

Our company is fully engaged in the UK Hospitality Industry.  We have direct access with many of the UK’s top chefs through the delivery of training courses and our involvement with prestigious events in the fine dining sector. It's our experience that one of the best ways to network with chefs is through training programmes and competitions.  This is because it is possible to have exclusive contact with chefs for a significant period of time.  

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We therefore can offer our experience of promoting high quality international brands via specific sponsorship and product placement programmes.  These include:  

  • Promotional branding or product placement sponsorship on our day training courses
  • Email broadcast campaigns
  • Sampling and warehousing services that support your direct sales in the UK
  • Twitter & other Social Media campaigns
  • Product advertising on our web site
  • Networking opportunities to the UK Hospitality Industry

Working with customers to introduce them to the UK professional chef market is an essential part of our business model and the connection with professional chefs a day to day pleasure.

To learn more detail about our sponsorship packages please feel free to download the follow files:

Sponsorship Proposal

Sponsorship Fees