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The Square Restaurant, MayfairCustomer Statement


“For someone who resists change for the sake of it I am only ever impressed by equipment that is simple to use and delivers consistent results. The Culinary Innovations circulators are not only great pieces of kit but they are well made and reliable too.  Whilst I do not use them as much as some they are certainly my first choice when doing so.  James Graham’s understanding of water bath cookery is hugely impressive – particularly so to me as he is equally aware of their strengths and weaknesses for a variety of applications and a large repertoire of ingredients”.


Phil Howard, Chef/Proprietor

Michelin 2 Stars



Rick Stein Restaurants, PadstowCustomer Statement

Jack Stein


"Culinary innovations have been at the heart of our development kitchen here in Padstow from its inception. After watching the great master class given by James Graham in our cookery school and watching how the equipment handled a wide variety of tasks we were sold. We decided on an Orved SV-31 vacuum packer which is better than any I have ever seen, and the Diamond immersion circulator. Since then they have had a vital role in all of our recipe development for Rick’s new book, as well as all of our 8 kitchens throughout Cornwall. The support from Culinary Innovations has been excellent and the after sale knowledge is impeccable. It hasn’t failed us and I have never used such a robust system before or since.."


Jack Stein, Head of Development

3 AA Rossette Seafood Restaurant & Other Stein Branded Outlets



The Olive Branch,RutlandCustomer Statement

Sean Hope


"Throughout my career I have always sought new and innovative ways to improve quality and consistency in my kitchen.  The sous vide approach is no exception.  I have been using FusionChef™ by Julabo to develop my sous vide cooking for a considerable time now and have been able to realise its true potential in a traditional English pub environment.  Working with Culinary Innovations has enabled me to have confidence on a practical level to improve kitchen techniques, efficiency and profitability.  The potential uses of using sous vide as a precise cooking method are endless: the peace of mind that chef's skills remain consistent, the attention to detail, the capacity to broaden food horizons and the fresh approach between science and the practicalities of running a busy kitchen provide many benefits to my business."


Sean Hope, Chef Patron

The Good Pub Guide 2013 – 6th Best Pub in the UK



J Bakers Bistro, YorkCustomer Statement


Neil Nugent


“Sous vide has been around for a number of years - I remember in the mid-eighties we had a vacuum packing machine in the Boulestin Restaurant in Covent Garden and nobody knowing what to do with it.  Now things have changed and the addition of the water bath into the modern kitchen has revolutionised the way Chefs can operate - with great accuracy and consistency. I have worked on these machines to perfect cooking methods for the last five years and now can't live without the kit- both in our restaurant J Bakers in York or in my work with retailers like Waitrose, Asda and Morissons. It is worth noting that I am not alone - go into any 1 Michelin Star Restaurant or above kitchen and you'll find sous vide being used.  I have worked with Culinary Innovations for the last 3 years and they are our 'one stop shop' for all things sous vide - whatever your budget'


Neil Nugent, Executive Head Chef at WM Morrisions & Owner of J Bakers Bistro Moderne, York

The Hit List UK - Top 50 Restaurants outside London



The French Table, SurbitonCustomer Statement


"I have been working with Culinary Innovations for three years now since I wanted to increase the number of covers at our restaurant. The FusionChef™ by Julabo water baths and the Orved vacuum packer have allowed me to achieve this goal successfully without adding pressure to an already busy kitchen.  The results are precise, reliable and consistent. The creative possibilities are endless with the sous vide approach to cooking - I wouldn’t do without it! I have found Culinary Innovations to be excellent for their customer service - always there to help and advice if needed."


Eric Guignard, Chef Patron

Best London Restaurant in the Good Food Guide 2010



Restaurant Allium, FairfordCustomer Statement


"Fusion Chef™ water baths and Orved vacuum packing machines have become an essential and indispensable part of Allium's kitchen operation across all of our business units, including event catering, delicatessen and most importantly our contemporary fine dining restaurant.  The equipment supplied by Culinary Innovations has given us a degree of accuracy and consistency that I believe would be impossible to achieve without them.  The water baths and vacuum packing machines have repaid our investment many times over."


James Graham, Chef Proprietor

South West Restaurant of the Year 2008



The Lighthouse Restaurant, Kibworth BeauchampCustomer Statement


"As we entered our tenth year of business, we really wanted to push the boundaries and explore new techniques in food preparation and cooking systems that are available to erstwhile super chefs.  Culinary Innovations proved to be an excellent source of help and information in particular, in enabling us to grasp the concept of the sous vide system (vacuum packer and water bath).  The equipment has become essential in our work.  Not only has it assisted us to move our food up to a new level, but it has had a massive impact on out buying and gross profit. Culinary Innovations have been extremely helpful and supportive to our business.  We would have struggled to embrace and afford the concept of sous vide without their comprehensive training course and their willingness to spend time answering our initial questions on what was a new method of cooking to us.  They opened our eyes to this innovative approach to food handling and made it accessible."


Lino Poli, Chef Proprietor

Commended in Harden's Restaurant Guide for 2010