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Which Vacuum Pouch?

To the common person a vacuum pouch is just that a vacuum pouch.  There is however a wide variety of pouch types for differing applications and machines and for extended food preservation and cooking temperature tolerances.

 The four main vacuum pouch types we supply at Culinary Innovations are:

  • Embossed vacuum pouches which are also sometimes called ribbed, textured or channelled bags suitable for external suction vacuum sealers.  These bags are also suitable for use when drawing a vacuum outside the chamber of a chamber type vacuum packer and have a temperature tolerance of 70° C. 
  • Standard preservation vacuum pouches in various thicknesses of 90µ, 140µ and 200µ that can be used solely in a chamber type vacuum packer.  The thicker the micron the less likely the bag will puncture when vacuum packing boned meat and sharper objects like speck, parmesan and rice.  The maximum temperature tolerance for these bags is 70° C. 
  • High temperature cooking vacuum pouches tested by the University of Udine in Italy to withstand heat tolerances up to 120° C for up to 20 minutes and suitable for all types of water poaching in a sous vide water bath and steam cooking in a combi oven.  High temperature pouches cannot be used in external-type vacuum sealers. 
  • Thermo-retractable or "heat shrink" pouches that can be used to tightly wrap food in order to retain its original shape.  To shrink the pouch you simply submerge in water at 90° C for three seconds and the pouch envelops the produce.

We will shortly be introducing a fifth pouch type that will be a high temperature cooking pouch with embossing for use in an external suction machine.

Our standard stocking is manufactured in Italy by our supply partners, Orved SpA, who are ISO 9001 - VISION 2000 certified for the manufacturing of all vacuum pouches.  As well as the standard stock items in this web site we can also quote and supply custom manufactured sizes and personalised requirements. 

Please note that when ordering vacuum storage pouches it is important that the width of the pouch is no wider than the length of the sealing bar on your appliance. The smaller the appliance, the smaller the pouches you will need. All our measurements are based on the width of the open side x length.

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